5 Things You Must Look for in a Commercial Property Agent


Buying a commercial property is a wise decision of investment. It cannot be quick or instant. It will require a lot of research when it comes to finalising the right commercial property. Once you are done with your research about a location, budget, etc. you can surely start visiting various construction sites. Since real estate is a diverse field and visiting every second construction site in the preferred location can be way too hectic considering your busy schedule. In such a situation, commercial property agents can be one great support to find out the right property for you by making it a not-so-hectic affair and cracking a great real estate deal for you.


However, who can be the right commercial property agent for you? What qualities should you look for in a commercial property agent for buying a commercial property in Pune? Here are those five things you must expect from an ideal commercial property agent:


Your Queries should be Answered!


Of course, asking questions is a must when you are planning to invest your hard-earned money in a commercial property. And, getting the right and the satisfactory answer is equally important. Commercial property agents must be capable or prepared with all the answers to the queries of their clients. He may research on your requirements for commercial property and find out matches based on the filters applied by you before the meeting. And, study those projects carefully so that they can sufficiently clear your doubts. Ask whatever doubts you have, an ideal commercial property agent will satisfy all your doubts and help you invest in the right way.


Responsive and Responsible Attitude


Waiting calls, missed-out calls, switched off phones can be annoying, when it comes to enquiring or seeking guidance for any sort of property. Commercial property agents may have busy schedules dealing with several clients. However, dealing with each client with an equal, unbiased and dedicated attitude is another important characteristic of an ideal commercial property agent.  He should be responsive to your calls and always ready to solve your queries and give honest suggestion.


Extensive Knowledge of the Projects in the Area


Before you begin discussing your investment plan with a commercial property agent, make sure that he possesses substantial knowledge about the projects running in the area. He must be aware of all the projects of the area as well as neighbouring the selected location. He must have researched the upcoming plans of the said area to help you in understanding the future productivity of the property.


Right Guidance


He must not be looking at his profit. He should think honestly about his clients’ requirements and guide them to crack the right deal. He should stay transparent by discussing both the pros and cons of the property he shows to his clients. And, leave the final decision on them. An ideal commercial property agent should never make his client upset by pushing a deal just for his profits or rapport with the builder. Instead, he should give appropriate and honest suggestions which may help his clients to make their decision.


Remembering Clients’ Choices


There are commercial property agents who believe in just convincing their clients and facilitating the sale of the property. However, this approach bears them sour fruit later when the clients’ start cribbing and blaming them for their partial communication and cracking a not-so-worthy deal for them. An ideal commercial property agent will always be honest with his clients and remember their choices. Whatsoever be the count of clients, he will treat every client with importance and remember their requirements so that he doesn’t make any mistake in making or discussing the deal.


The trend of investment in commercial properties is becoming popular, and so is the need for commercial property agents. An ideal agent can help you grab the best possible deal in the city and multiply your profits, while a bad deal can make your entire hard-earned money futile.


At Brickfolio, we understand the tremendous promise of commercial real estate. We consistently strive to make real estate transactions profitable for our clients. To know more about us and our offerings, reach out to us today!

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