Do You Need a Real Estate Agent in Pune?

top real estate agents in pune

Real estate is an asset which requires serious investment and specialized skills to acquire and manage profitably. Today real estate buyers in Pune need stricter due diligence before entering into property agreements. Before buying any property, a wise real estate investor would research on:

• Issues related to ownership rights of the property.
• Developer ratings and building structure comparison.
• Price distinction across multiple projects.
• Completion timeline and associated challenges.

These are just a few of the complexities which have to be considered while buying a property. People may have the money, but very few have the knowledge and expertise to choose the right real estate property. This is where real estate agents come into picture.

Why Go for a Real Estate Agent?

Even though the positive impact of a good agent on your real estate decision is undeniably, there might be some of you who might be wondering, ‘there is so much information out there online, then why do I need a real estate agent?

Knowledge and Experience

As mentioned earlier, there are several issues which a buyer should be aware of while purchasing a property. You may not have the time to do all the research associated with buying or selling real estate.
Let us consider Pune. In a growing real estate market like Pune, information asymmetries often lead to eventual losses. If you go for a top real estate agent in Pune, he may not only be able to help you bridge your information gap through his professional expertise, but also get you the highest ROI through his network and experience.

Filter the Irrelevant

Not every property is right for you. One of the biggest challenges that real estate property buyers in Pune face is avoiding properties that are not suitable for their need. A top real estate agent can filter out unwanted properties and shortlist the ones which are perfect for your needs. Hiring a top real estate agent will ensure that you do not have to deal with irrelevant pesky phone calls and pushy sellers.

Excellent Negotiation

Negotiation is a skill which is acquired through experience. Top performing real estate agents in Pune are great negotiators. A novice buyer or seller may not be able to negotiate as effectively as a real estate agent. Most buyers and sellers get involved in the emotional aspects of a property whereas a top real estate agent can purely focus on the profitability of the deal. A top real estate agent is more than a messenger between a buyer and the seller. He is a professional who is has the capacity and capability to maximize his client’s profits.

Simplify Paperwork

Often the paperwork associated with a real estate deal is a huge deterrent from most buyers and sellers. Purchase agreements are filled with legal details and real estate jargon which you may not be able to grasp fully. If you go for a top real estate agents in Pune, you will not only find the best property for you in the right neighbourhood, but you will also be free from the hassles of complicated paperwork. A top real estate agent ensures that the paperwork is as simple as possible for his clients.

Accountable after the Sale

There might be issues that arise after a deal is closed. How will you deal with them? It can be challenging to face unforeseen complications after you have bought the property or made the sale. When you hire a real estate agent, you do not have to face such situations alone. A top real estate agents always stays accountable to his clients. Problem analysis and resolution would be quicker if you have a top real estate agent by your side.
Brick Folio, a top real estate agency in Pune, offers commercial and residential real estate, settlement, insurance, property management and corporate relocation services. We aim to assist you in making the best real estate decision possible based on your needs.
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