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Danish Equbal

I leverage my knowledge about the evolving real estate market, my insights about the future of real estate, my network, and my experience to bring you the best property deals in Pune.

Real estate can be considered as one of the oldest investment avenues. It can also be regarded as one of the best performing investments over time.

Historically, buyers had to invest not only their money but also their valuable time in finding the right real estate opportunity. This was feasible when the neighbourhood was small, and anyone could ascertain the trajectory of the real estate demand and development in the area.

Today, neighbourhoods are transforming into real estate hubs at an exponential rate, owing to the growing economy and the associated business and employment opportunities. In such circumstances, an individual who has limited exposure to the real estate market will not be able to make the most profitable decision.

My mission with Brick Folio, is to revolutionize real estate transactions, by simplifying the entire purchase and selling cycle for my clients, lowering costs, and enabling access to top-notch real estate opportunities.

We primarily focus on Commercial & Residential real estate, which includes investment, leasing & resale. We host a talented team of real estate professionals who are committed towards providing both buyers and sellers the best possible experience in all parts of the property transaction.

Devoted towards bringing the best real estate deals in Pune to you! Ensuring buyers and sellers have a smooth and fantastic experience!

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