The Growing Need of Property Consultants


The scope of the unique role of the property consultant is getting wider each day. In layman’s language traditionally known as real-estate or property dealer, a property consultant, is a newly evolved profession. Many young and budding professionals are attracted to this as a career choice.


Traditionally their role was limited to being an agent between buyer and seller. But now, as the time has changed, so has their roles. Here is an overview:

  • They help the investor or buyer to locate the property of their choice.
  • They support in the negotiation process to get the best possible price of the property.
  • They also help in getting all the legal paperwork done by getting in touch with legal professionals.
  • They also help in loan work for financial funding.


On the work front, the property consultant profession is a whole set of processes to crack and seal the deal. They make the life of the investor easier and hassle-free. Basically, they maintain the record of types of properties available in the market, they also bifurcate it region as well as location wise. The main role of the property consultants also includes providing throughout assistance in the process of purchasing and investing. Assistance also includes a deep analysis of current market trends, potential investment options and a wide variety of investment portfolios. A property consultant must be able to utilize all the knowledge that they have about real estate to provide the potential investor which fits his requirements.


Price Analysis Support

One important role played by the property consultant is to make the comparative price analysis and to get a comprehensive knowledge of the current market scenario. As this profession demands marketing, a property consultant must be able to market the property. The best platform is to market it on social media. The role of the property consultant does not end with just finding a prospect and sell the property. It’s more of a vast knowledge and expertise in the area of selling and marketing.


Customer-Centric Lookout

With role, come responsibilities. To fulfill the requirements of investors, the property consultant must have sound analytical skills. As they are working in a customer-centered market they must always be on their toes and updated. To deliver the best results and to bring efficiency a property consultant must also be aware of all the rules, regulations and required documents as well. To give add on experience to investors, a property consultant must also be aware of the finances and best deals to get the funds.


The relationship of property consultant and a new prospect starts with a set-up meeting, after knowing client’s objectives, a property consultant prepares necessary research tools and set out a schedule to perform and report on research.



The Need of Property Consultant

The need for property consultants is increasing day by day especially, due to urbanization, also spreading in and around the metro cities. The scope of property consultants will increase in upcoming years.


With their vast experience and deep knowledge of the market, they help the buyer to locate the property matching to their needs. They also help buyers in negotiating and getting them the property for the best possible price. On the behalf of the buyers, the agents do the final inspection of the property and deal with the seller for the repair works which are to be done before the handing over of the property. They prepare all paper works on behalf of their client. They also help in getting all the legal work done by getting the client in touch with the lawyers. They also maintain all the records, also prepare the papers for a loan, and thus assist their clients for financial funding.


As you can see a good property consultant surely adds value to your life. Brickfolio is among the top real estate property consultants in Pune. If you are looking for a competent real estate services provider devoted towards simplifying property buying and selling for you, reach out to us now!

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